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Parenting Resources

Here included are a number of very useful links to resource material including articles and advice to better help you learn about the development of you child.

0-6 months

Nutrition Information





Nappy rash

Bath time


Looking after yourself: nutrition & getting enough sleep

  • Birth / New Mum: Mum's recovery

Common infant illnesses

Sudden and unexpected deaths

Sitting up and developmental phases

  • PBS / Physical Development chart

Allergy issues

Using a bottle/BPA/Phasing out plastic bottles

The Baby Name Helper

6-12 months

Nutrition Information

Caring for baby teeth

Babies’ physical strength & development - sitting, crawling, walking, exploring!

Crawling - making your home safe for a more mobile baby.

Language development

Psychological development - cognitive learning/ fine motor / gross motor- playtime is learning time.

      • Brainy-child / Early Brain Development in Children
      • Brainy-child / Child Brain Building Through Smart Play - Undertsanding The Basics

How to stimulate your baby.

Returning to work

      • Birth / Emotional considerations for when mother returns to work

Mothers’ health/ diet/ exercise/ ‘me time’.

Allergy issues

12+ months

      • Baby Center / Toddler: health, development, feeding, sleep and play

Nutrition information



      • Brainy-child / The Importance of Learning Language Skills

Safety around the home

Physical development

      • PBS / Physical development chart

Playtime is important learning.

Mum and Dad


General Health and Nutrition


Research News


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