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Trust Dr Brown’s Baby Bottles for a Smooth, Efficient Feed

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Whether you breast or formula feed, choosing the right bottles for your baby is a must. If a bottle allows your baby to take in too much air when he drinks, he can become gassy and feel uncomfortable. Dr Brown’s patented vented bottles are vacuum free and loved by thousands of babies the world over.

Many parents find that using a vented bottle helps to prevent colic and discomfort during feeding, leaving baby feeling satisfied and calm after a feed. Dr Brown’s bottles are also BPA and PVC free and use silicon teats for a hygienic, easy to clean system.

Vented bottles work by replacing the liquid consumed with air, which enters above the liquid, ensuring a constant flow at a rate controlled by the baby. This is a good way to ensure your baby feeds on demand, not taking any more or less than he requires.

Breastfeeding mothers choose Dr Brown’s for their expressed milk because the vacuum free vented bottles more closely replicate breastfeeding. Often, breastfed babies will refuse a bottle that does not feel similar to what they’re used to, but Dr Brown’s is the first choice for many mothers because it’s easy for babies to latch onto and feed from efficiently.


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