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How To Prevent Baby’s Flat Head

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Flat Head

Many babies develop slightly flat heads in their first few months. In most cases, it is not a cause for concern and will correct itself with time, however a baby’s flat head can be concerning for parents. If you want to try and help your baby’s head stay more rounded, there are a few things you can do to help.

Flat head is usually caused by babies sleeping on their backs for prolonged periods. If your baby’s head usually tilts in a particular way and begins to become flattened, it’s often the case that she’ll prefer sleeping in this way, thus the head remains flat. Unless you have been told to by a doctor, you should not stop your baby sleeping on her back at night, as back sleeping is advised as the best position to protect against SIDS. What you can do is encourage your baby to play and rest in different positions during the day.

Some great ways to help your baby play in different ways, and relieve the pressure of laying on the same part of her head, include tummy time, sitting in different objects, such as bouncy chairs, or moving toys around to encourage your baby to look a different way.

Slings and baby carriers are great tools for parents, because they help you keep your baby close, while at the same time keeping her from lying on her back and putting pressure on her head. Many babies enjoy taking their naps in slings, and they are convenient for parents, as they give you free hands to do other things.

If your baby enjoys having quiet time resting in her cot, try moving her mobile to a different side, as this could encourage her to move her head into a different position than normal. If she’s lying down with your during the day, try to switch the side you’re sitting on, or give her some time on her tummy.

As your baby gets older and becomes more mobile, and able to support her head, she will naturally use different positions and her flat head should correct itself. Continue to encourage your baby to play in lots of different ways and to use different positions to help this process along.

If your baby’s flat head concerns you for any reason, such as it does not improve, is very prominent or you notice bulging in other areas of the head, you should always seek professional medical advice.


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