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Help Baby Play and Learn During Bath Time

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Baby Bath Time

Bath time is a fun part of the daily routine for babies, but it can also be an opportunity to learn through play. Read on to find out some fun ideas for different games you can play with your baby during bath time.

Bath time is a great opportunity to sing counting songs, with fingers and toes. Babies love listening to you sing, and you can tickle your little one’s toes as you count them. Animal songs, such as Old MacDonald had a Farm are fun too, because you can use waterproof toys and your baby can try to make the sound for each animal.

Using baby safe bath foam, make an extra bubbly bath for your baby and let them have fun popping the bubbles using their hands or different toys. You could use soap to blow bubbles for your baby to pop, as well. Popping bubbles is a great way to improve hand-eye co-ordination and is super-fun for little ones, who won’t even see it as a learning exercise. You could talk to toddlers about size: are the bubbles big or small? Or counting: how many bubbles are here?

Stacking cups make great bath toys. Children can learn about volume by pouring water between different sized cups, and will have fun playing and splashing about. Many stacking cups have different amounts of holes in the bottom too, so your child can see how the water slowly trickles out of the holes.

Another fun skill to develop in the bath is social play. Let your baby wash her dolly’s hair in the bath, or change dolly’s nappy while she gets dressed afterwards.

Ball pool balls are very cheap and are great fun in the bath. Just choose a dozen or so different colored balls and let your baby play with them, talking to her about the colors of the balls as she plays. It will improve her knowledge and she will also be fascinated by the way the balls float, and bob back to the surface when immersed.

When you shop for bath toys, look out for special books that are waterproof and designed to be read in the bath. Your baby will enjoy splashing as you read the story together.

Remember, you should never leave a baby or child unattended in the bath, even just for a second to fetch a toy; always prepare your child’s bath activities beforehand so that you don’t take your eyes off your little one in the water.


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