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Splash About Happy Nappy Baby Swimwear: The Swim School Choice

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Splash About happy Nappy Swimwear

The number one choice baby swimwear adopted by thousands of Australian parents and recommended by leading swim schools is the Splash About Happy Nappy range. This clever designed swimwear contains accidents occurring in the pool or beach. There is no need to have your baby wear a nappy underneath but a nappy liner is a good idea. Just wash the swimwear and allow to air dry. It is made from the same material used in diving suits and will keep baby comfortable. 

The Splash About range is the UK's no.1 swim wear for babies. Manufactured in France with the highest quality craftsmanship and fabric. Splash About has won numerous awards from institutional and Mother sites both locally and internationally. Shop our beautiful range. Your baby will be water ready with this great product. Go with the chosen range loved by mums and babies.

Avent Baby Bottles Full Range In Stock

Avent bottles and accessories brand would be the largest selling baby bottle brand in the world. We are please to advise that we now carry the full Avent range of baby bottles both in BPA free plastic and glass, sterilisers, soothers, nursing pads, teats, brushes and many more right down to the difficult to find [...]

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Bedtime Battles: Settling techniques for toddlers

When your child becomes tired their behaviour can be irritable and/or demanding. Respond to your child’s tired signs by having some quiet time to wind down, therefore reducing high energy activities and decreasing stimulation in preparation for bed time. A child is strongly influenced by their environment e.g. daily activities and routines. A predictable bed time routine for example bath, [...]

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Nursing and solids; the merging of the two

The World Health Organization recommend exclusive breastfeeding for baby’s first six months. In practice, many people decide to introduce solids slightly before this and it is very much a personal choice. It is not recommended to introduce solids too early, however, unless a doctor tells you to, as baby’s developing guy does not need solids.Breastmilk provides [...]

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Help Baby Play and Learn During Bath Time

Bath time is a fun part of the daily routine for babies, but it can also be an opportunity to learn through play. Read on to find out some fun ideas for different games you can play with your baby during bath time.Bath time is a great opportunity to sing counting songs, with fingers and toes. Babies love [...]

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How To Prevent Baby’s Flat Head

Many babies develop slightly flat heads in their first few months. In most cases, it is not a cause for concern and will correct itself with time, however a baby’s flat head can be concerning for parents. If you want to try and help your baby’s head stay more rounded, there are a few things you can [...]

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Trust Dr Brown’s Baby Bottles for a Smooth, Efficient Feed

Whether you breast or formula feed, choosing the right bottles for your baby is a must. If a bottle allows your baby to take in too much air when he drinks, he can become gassy and feel uncomfortable. Dr Brown’s patented vented bottles are vacuum free and loved by thousands of babies the world over.Many parents [...]

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​Soothe Baby’s Pain With a Teether

Teethers come in all shapes and sizes, but all have the same primary function: to help relieve the pain and discomfort of teething. Teethers are designed to be easy for babies to hold and chew and, while they help to relieve the pain and satisfy the need to chew, they also deter babies from chewing other items. [...]

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How To Treat Your Baby’s Cradle Cap

Cradle cap is a condition in which yellowish, thick scale-like patches of dead skin form on a baby’s head. It can seem quite worrying, especially if it’s the first time you've seen it. However, there are a few things you need to know about it.Firstly, cradle cap isn't caused by a lack of cleanliness or care. Secondly, in most cases, cradle cap looks [...]

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Baby Bottle Feeding 101

Moving from nursing to baby bottles to formula feed your baby will give you much to ponder. Initially, you will need to learn how to sterilise baby bottles and equipment and to make up a bottle for a feed. Additionally, you will need to know how to actually give your baby the bottle, frequency and [...]

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